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What Our Students Say

Great school. Classes are always different, challenging and fun.

By far the best studio around. They are dedicated to their students and treat everyone like family.

Best studio in town! Everything from kid's karate, kickboxing for kids/adults, and even sparring. They have it all!

Killer classes, awesome personal training, outstanding equipment, lots of classes offered for adults and kids.

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Shawn Pacheco's PMA Martial arts training center in Merrimack

voted number i martial arts school in merrimack


Offering Martial arts, Kickboxing Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Merrimack, Nashua, Manchester and Bedford..

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Award Winning Martial Arts Training for the entire family!
Our Martial Arts training curriculum is safe, age specific and will bring out the absolute best in you and/or your entire family.

Martial Arts training for the whole family! Specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Kempo Karate, Yoga, Turbo Kick, Zumba, and self defense programs for all ages. We also offer birthday parties. Proudly serving families in Merrimack, Nashua, Bedford, Manchester!

Children's Programs
We teach respect every day. It is no secret that Martial Arts training builds stronger bodies, develops motor skills, and teaches self-defense. But, did you know, students who study Martial Arts also tend to do better in school. They get better grades and perform better in school activities.

Get Fit " Stay Fit For Life! We Are Fit For Life!

Flexibility Fitness & Health
Muscle Tone Confidence
Energy Stress Relief
Discipline Effective Self Defense
Personal Safety Peak Performance
Awareness Great For Individuals Or The Whole Family

Safe " Fun " Fit
Increased Attention Span "Yes, I Can!" Attitude
Increased Coordination & Motor Skills Confidence
Higher Level of Respect & Behavior Safety Skills & Bully Defense
Better Focus & Use Of Their Energy Greater Concentration
Improved Communication Skills Goal Setting

Kick. Punch. Sweat
…Fitness for Women and Men. 
kickboxing is perfect for people who want to tone up, lose weight and get into the best shape of your life . The class is designed to get maximum results in only 45 minutes, so it is perfect for people who don t have an hour or two to spend in the gym. The workouts are always challenging and therefore near gets boring. Try a kickboxing Fitness class today and see what all the hype is about.

Our Little Champions Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational. Kids love Karate and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well disciplined and encouraging atmosphere. Each class is filled with exciting, hi-energy drills that are carefully designed to develop important life skills It is offered in the areas of Merrimack, Nashua, Milford, Amherst, Bedford, Manchester, Hollis & other surrounding communities! We are located in Merrimack, New Hampshire, so it is just a small drive away from any of the adjoining towns.

We also offer Kickboxing /karate in the areas of Merrimack, Nashua, Milford, Amherst, Bedford, Manchester, Hollis & other surrounding communities. Whether you are interested in Junior Achiever Program for the children or for adults , try us out.

We are providing the best , Brazilian Jui jitsu, submission grappling and MMA training in the areas of Merrimack, Nashua, Milford, Amherst, Bedford, Manchester, Hollis & other surrounding communities!. Whether your interested in competing in Mixed Martial Arts/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or looking for a great way to get and stay in shape, TEAM PMA is perfect place to start. ALL of our coaches have fought in the cage AND competed in numerous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, outside of the gym, in real competition. With a mix of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and boxing TEAM PMA focuses on the skills need to be successful in the cage or on the mats.

Thai Kickboxing is one of the hottest sports around. At Professional Martial Arts Academy, we teach traditional Muay Thai or Thai style kickboxing. With an Western Boxing and Karate influence. Thai Kickboxing is taught in a well rounded manner emphasizing mental focus and physical fitness and it is offered in the areas of Merrimack, Nashua, Milford, Amherst, Bedford, Manchester, Hollis & other surrounding communities!. We are in Merrimack so it is just a small drive away. Join now.

Our environment is non-competitive, safe and challenging, perfect for the adult seeking a focus, fit and healthy body. This is a great program for those who want the incredible fitness benefits of kickboxing but who want something more than aerobic kickboxing. We teach real authentic Muay Thai. This ensures safe training and efficient self-defense.

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